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  1. Marina Fadden says:

    I am so happy I found this page! I have been a Nichiren Buddhist for 30 years. I am also a 30 yr SGI member. After reading The Inner Philosopher I read Plato not Prozac and I hope you wont be upset when I call The Middle Way which was my most recent your best work ever! I am constantly bringing you up in my therapy sessions and my therapist just purchased The Middle Way on Amazon. He is just amazed at the concept of the ninth consciousness……I am as well I honestly dont know how I could go about my daily life without getting there! You have been an inspiration to me as I continue to engage in dialog everywhere I go each and every day with every person I come in contact with. No matter how advanced this technocracy LOL becomes each time we walk out the door there will always be someone we will dialog with for any number of reasons.

    Probably your biggest fan ever
    Marina L. Fadden

  2. Philipp E. Buchli says:

    Dear Lou,
    it was a great pleasure hearing your talk at the ‘Philosopher’s Café’ in Zurich, Switzerland. Your tour de force across Stoicism, Buddhism and Toaism was a really eye opener and has really kindled my curiousity to learn more.

    Happily started reading one of your many books last night (will order some more soon, as they sold out so quickly at the talk) and listened to your CD into work this morning – fabulous!

    Wishing you a safe journey home,

    Kind regards,

    Philipp E. buchli

    • Lou says:

      Dear Phillip,
      Thanks for your generous appreciation.
      Great to hear that you derived benefit from the talk.
      Continue enjoying the books and music!
      See you next time in Zurich.
      Kind regards,

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  4. Helena Bento says:

    Dear Professor,

    I’m a psicology student, and i was proposed to do a study about your book “Platô not Prozac” around The Story of Psicology. As we start studing the first philosophes as Plato, Sócrates, Aristoteles, Descartes, its an honnour to explore your contribute for this Science as you are hoppefully alive, as so i would like to ask you a message to share with The future psicologist in Portugal, studing in ISPA University,

    Best Regards


    • Lou says:

      Dear Helena,

      Thanks for writing. “Hopefully alive” is a great phrase 🙂
      Wishing you success in your studies.

      All the best,

  5. Susana Fematt says:

    Dear Professor: I have read all your books published in México and they have changed my vision of life and my life completely. Two years ago i wanted only to thank you, but now i have a question and i wonder if you have the time to answer it (i imagine you are a really busy person).
    My question is, What do you think of the GAD? I read about it and i found a very close description of me and my situation for many years in the sympthoms of these disorder.
    It is beginning to affect me as my 14 year old boy is about to make his first trip away from home.
    I really thank you for your work and if you could answer this, i would thank you moore.

    Regards from Cancún, México.

  6. Mark says:


    I first learned of you on the web site IAI (Institute of Arts and Ideas) where Beatrice Popescu spoke to you about the practical applications of philosophy. I was intrigued by your thinking so I read your book, Plato not Prozac and then The Inner Philosopher. Great stuff. No need to reply – I just wanted to let you know that I think the work you do is fantastic and your contributions to philosophy and spirituality are so important. Thanks. #BeKind

  7. don klimek says:


    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I met you at the US Open TH…..nice website. When I think of something clever and worthy I will send you another message.


  8. Stella Stonem says:

    Dear professor,

    After 4 years of high school that were unsatisfactory and confusing, as I departured to college I enrolled in art history, and philosophy. Honestly I did not know what philosophy encompasses and what it does, I had great difficulty understanding and comprehending, and after completion of the first years of college I realized that I was even more confused. So, in a crisis of identity, dissatisfied with everything that I tried to do, and with everything that I have not done I thought there was no way out and that I would never find myself. The next day I got up and accidentally, at my home found your book. I didn’t not know who bought it, or what was it doing there, but I decided to take it and read it. After only a week when I finished the book, I was a new person. I realized that from when I was little , I was always asking myself fundamental questions: What is good? What is fair? how to be a better person? but since I got into the mainstream of life, overloaded by the opinions of others, limited by their approval, alone I could not find answers to these questions. and college, as well as philosophy I looked like something I had to do, and something I had to learn and not like something that is valuable to know. While I was reading your book, I felt as if you wrote it just for me and I felt as if you were my living philosophical guide through life. Thanks to you and your book,’ Plato not Prozac,’ I was able, for the first time in my life to answer some questions that are more important than all the other superficial things. You returned me to the right path. Now I’m happy to wait for the next semester to learn values ​​to be rising, not above others, but above myself, above person as I was yesterday, I aspire to better in the real sense. This enlightenment is what I have experienced only once and is a wonderful feeling, I won’t ever let it get away, I found my calling, and I will fulfil my purpose in life.

    Inexpressible thank you.
    Stella Mešić
    Rijeka, Croatia

    • Lou says:

      Dear Stella,
      Thanks for sharing this. You are more than welcome. I am glad that you found some useful ideas in my books. Wishing you continued success in your life journey!

  9. Claudia Fernandez says:

    Hi Lou! My name is Claudia Fernández, I’m from Argentina and I live there in Mendoza city, in a little cottage among the mountains, so I would like to invite you and your family to spend some days in La Crucesita, a very special place. It’s pure Nature. We can have interesting talks, drinking “mate” arround de fire, and eating home made bread. Close to me live a philosopher, Julio Ozan Lavoisier. We always have long conversations about life, buddhism and philosophy. Life here is very quite, you could have a rest, to maditate, to take a walk, to contemplate nature. For me woulde be a honour to recive you at home.
    Regards, light and blessings.


  10. Saverio di cagno says:

    Dear Professor
    I am an italian graduated engineer (in Ilva Taranto since 25 years) . I am studying and reading books about philosophy since I was child. Your way to tell about old wisdom and your ideas about human
    mind is something more… a wonderful way to change the world… to improve mankind and reduce the unnecessary pain… I think You have to do an association a club to involve people in all over the world.
    the best greetings
    Saverio Di Cagno

    • Lou says:

      Dear Saverio,
      Thanks for your kindness. I have co-founded APPA (, and that’s enough for now!
      Best wishes,

  11. Ali Ozyigit says:

    When are you going to release Power of Tao in English? Thank you sir.

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  • Dear Professor,After surviving a terrible accident that sent me to the ER and in which accident I went in a coma, lost 50% of my already weak eyesight and what was left of my good sense, I started reading Oliver Sacks’ books, Norman Doidge, and your book Platon, pas Prozac ! A French philosopher named Michel Onfray has a similar thought about philosophy as a mean to treat a lot of so called syndromes. Mathieu Ricard’s essais on Buddhism adds a balm on my anguish, the type you adressed in Platon, pas Prozac !Thank you for your tremendous energy in so many fields and your knowledge.

    Claude Bouffard
    De la Beauce au Québec

  • chiarapolo@ymail.comMr Marinoff,I’m reading with great pleasure your book “Platone e’ meglio del Prozac”
    in the italian translation.. I love philosophy and I Think this book is really interesting and helpful ,
    everyone can find what he needs..Thanks for share these beautiful ideas and thoughts !

    From Italy,

  • Dear Mr. Marinoff
    I am currently reading “The Middle Way” but read both “The Big Questions” and “Plato, not Prozac” about 6 years ago when going through my divorce. Both books belonged to my wife who was then leaving me and our two kids.Throughout the books, which she had already read, I found small notes on bits of paper with all the parts that had obviously meant something more to her. I was afforded thus an insight to her thinking and potential decision making process prior to our separation.

    I read both books which helped me very much with my then situation. I also found a way through my difficulties with their help.

    What I have since found always amusing and thought provoking is that two people may read the same book, receive the same “wisdom” yet proceed to make completely “opposing” decisions and still feel justified.

    I have since become great friends with my ex, and we continue to have a warm and loving relationship which of course has benefited our children , and us, greatly.

    Reading your books, and others, played a part in this…

    I continued to read a lot more philosophy too. I am half Greek too which may or may not have something to do with it…

    Thank you very much.

    Peter Papageorgiou

  • Dear Professor MarinoffI just want to say a sincere belated thank you for inspirational talk you gave a few weeks ago at Taplow Court. I have been chanting for 28 years and this was one of the best events I have ever been to with SGI. I especially love the way that your message gives such hope to young people.

    I have mentioned / promoted you on my latest blog post: Everyone’s a Buddha

    May you continue to be a ‘midwife attending to the birth’ of ever more wisdom.

    very best wishes


    David Hare
    Writer, Life Coach, Trainer

  • Mr. MarinoffNow I’m reading El Poder del Tao, you can’t imagine how this book is changing my life…
    Thank you so much !!!

    Kind Regards


  • Dear Professor MarinoffThanks so much for highlighting the work of Anne Akiko Meyers during your lecture at SGI UK Taplow Court last Sunday. I dashed to Amazon and ordered it. I’m listening to it now and am transported to a beautiful dimension.

    By the way, I love the Inner Philosopher too!

    Kind regards

  • Hi Lou,Thank you so very much for the lecture in Chicago! Hope you can return many times to Chicago to share with us your thoughts and journey in life !

    Brian A. Hayes

  • Dear Lou,I picked up a copy of your new book (The Middle Way) at the Florida Nature and Culture Center, which is an SGI facility here in Broward county Florida.

    I don’t know if you’ve read it but about 3 years ago I by happenstance (synchronicity) picked up and read 5 times, a book by Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind.

    I recommend it highly. I am looking forward to reading your new book as many times and gleaning every bit of wisdom I can from it … thank you!

    Kindest regards,

    Joe Killian

  • What a great read! I was unable to put this book down because Lou Marinoff takes us through history and weaves a compelling plan of action to the dilemmas of today’s world. Instead of leaving us with more questions than answers which seems to be the way of the “new age” self help 12 step plan, he actually presents the history in a clear concise manner and then applies these truths to the way for each of us without any prejudice or religious zeal.

    Growing up a rebellious christian and then seeking the Yoga way I eventually ended up in Indian ashrams, only to find myself back into the throws of what’s “allowed” and “not-allowed”. His grasp of the “Middle Way” was such a revelation. One which I had obviously contemplated, but never managed to even understand the necessity to attain, let alone to make a goal.

    The book allows us to look at the “Global Village” determining its value and the eroding of national characteristics and then uniquely applies this same knowledge, which we have been gleefully nodding our heads, to our very own lives mirroring what was so obvious about others problems, to our extremism’s. In his quite diplomatic way we are left having to face our own lives and compelled to look at them through his “middle way”.

    Happiness, that elusive goal seems so easily reachable with a few moderate changes… and the nature of our suffering so unseemingly simple to shed. Thank you Sir, what a Great Book!

    Tim Philip
    Zimbabwe, currently residing in India

  • I always felt lost in my life … From the moment I was born to the present I’ve been searching something but I could not put my finger on it. I wasn’t sure about WHAT exactly I was looking for. Then, philosophy came into my life. I was 16 then and that was the first turning point of my life.

    Now I’m 30 and I found your books. This is my second life turning point. Now I now there’s nothing concrete I’m looking for, it is the right path that I’m constantly revising in my mind. Now I know I will never stop searching, but finally I know why.

    Thanks for your guidance.

    Verònica Cobo

  • Dear Lou,

    I just achieved of reading your book “El poder del Tao” and it has been a very nice experience that has permit me “confirm” my ideas and intuitions about Tao philosophy. I have a blog from some years ago named “El medio dorado” that means “The golden middle” and I have just write a post ”Esencias del Tao para tiempos convulsos” based in especial phrases I have found in your fantastic book.

    I think that ideas of this blog have very close connections with your thinking and I wait (I you have time to read it) that you enjoy it.

    Best regards from Barcelona, Spain (eating very good tapas).

    Pep Ruiz

  • As I jumped into my car and turned on the radio, I knew the voice I heard was familiar, but could not quite put my finger on it. It is funny how time can slip by while we are busy living. It may have been 25 years ago now, but it only took a few minutes for me to realize the voice I was listening to on Tapestry was my old physics tutor, Louis Marinoff. I can’t help but wonder if my inexplicable inability to grasp basic physics and chemistry had driven you to find solace in philosophical refuge. Many thanks for the tireless efforts so many years ago – they were not lost. I will see if your book is available online for my kindle; no English bookstores on the Gaspe… some things never change and doubtless never will.

    Best Regards from the Hayes family at PineCrest in Shigawake, and more particularly, from

  • Dear Prof. Marinoff:

    I have recently finished the reading (in Spanish) of “El ABC de la Felicidad” (“The Middle Way”) and, honestly, I have not the English vocabulary for fully expressing my impression. The book is, plainly, extraordinary.

    Previously, I have read “Más Platón, Menos Prozac” and I found excellent both in its ideas and its writing quality.

    Unfortunately, I am not a philosopher but a modest Journalist and Educator, devoted to write editorial articles and columns in LA PRENSA, the leading newspaper in Honduras, and socioplitical comments in Campus TV, a channel owned by the University of San Pedro Sula, my hometown.

    I share the core of your thoughts and I intend to write on your job and speak to friends of mine who work in the Philosophy Departments of several colleges which operate in San Pedro Sula.

    In the meantime, would you please consider to give “The Middle Way” to an editorial house in order to comprise the fundamental of its content in, say, some 250 or 300 pages?

    I am sure that thousands of readers, in Latin America or wherever, would receive it with enthusiasm and support.

    Please, forgive my poor English. It is all made in Honduras.


    Amilcar Santamaria
    Columnista, LA PRENSA
    Comentarista TV Campus
    Profesor, Escuela de Comunicación,
    Universidad de San Pedro Sula

  • Professor Marinoff:

    The reading of your book, “The middle way” –spanish version “El término medio”-, has been an amazing journey. It takes me several months to read it, because it´s so deep that I needed to stop and think about it along the way. I´m a lawyer, musician, and a father from Buenos Aires, and I can´t thank you enough for helping me to understand the source of many of the problems of the world, and for making me feel that every one of us can make a difference in our global community. I´m trying to follow “the middle way” every step of the way. Your book is a must read, congratulations and keep at the good work!


  • Dear Dr. Marinoff,

    Your book Plato, Not Prozac was an inspiration. I have used it with many of my clients. I also developed a Succeeding at Life Journal which uses your process and develops it into a method of solving problems. I have seen this really help people think about and find answers to personal problems effectively and gain inner peace about their choices.

    I am planning to read some of your other books as well. Thank you for inspiring me to write.

    For truth,

    Dr. Norman R. Wise

  • Dear Mr. Lou Marinoff,

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your book “The Middleway”
    , as I read in the portuguese version “O Caminho do Meio”.

    My daughter Maria Isabel gave it to me on my birthday, as the title
    faced with many of our conversations and thoughts.

    The book gave me more, much more I ever expected: a global
    comprehension of culture, religion, politics , a surprising link of
    Aristoteles, Buda and Confucio, a proposition of dialogs and a message
    of love for mankind.

    I’m a 57 years old brazilian civil engineering and musician, living
    between Rio de Janeiro and Buzios (a paradise place), in Brazil.

    Thank you for your herculean work!

    I learned a lot and changed my globalisation thinking!

    Yours sincerely,

    George Frederico Clark