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Comeback Trail, Part 29:  Carlo Wins World Cup, Classic Table Hockey Bigger and Better than Ever

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lou martin 2006As the table hockey revival built up steam, established leagues and tournaments began to join forces. In August 2006, Lou met Martin Labelle in Sherbrooke, and acquired a hand-crafted Labelle-Coleco. This propelled Lou into organized table hockey, for the first time since 1983.

Martin hand-crafted only 56 Labelle-Coleco boards, enough to fuel the classic table hockey revival. Until his retirement in 2011, Martin was the dominant force in the Sherbrooke Table Hockey  League, and was founding president of Hockey Sur Table Quebec.

Left: Lou meets Martin, 2006.

P1110943Lou joined John Power’s New York City Table Hockey Association (NYCTHA). Lou was NYCTHA league and playoff champion in 2007, 2008, 2009.  Read John Power’s story: “My Day with Table Hockey Legend Lou Marinoff.

Lou also played four years in a row in A.J. Sarma’s Las Vegas Classic, and making the finals each year. In 2007 he lost to Dave Kraehling in 7 games. In 2008 Lou defeated Bernie Kunzler, and repeated as champ in 2009, defeating Robert Meers.  In 2010 he lost a 7-game thriller to Burt Brassard, coming back from a 0-3 deficit to force game 7.

Left: Lou as NYCTHA champ.

LasVegas2008 061DSC07142efs

Lou played in Johnny Good Guy, Pete Moulton’s annual Brampton tournament, six times, 2007-12. He finished 3rd in 2011 and won the title in 2012, at age 60.

Left: Lou wins in Las Vegas, 2008 and 2009.

Right: Lou wins Johnny Good Guy, 2012

us open 15

Lou wins U.S. Open, Chicago 2015


Lou wins New York Table Hockey League title, 2016


But Lou’s comeback trail has led most often to Quebec, his native province, home to the world’s greatest Coleco champions and toughest tournaments.  There, and in affiliated tournaments in Chicago, Detroit, Toronto and New York,  Lou has battled the best: Carlo and Gino Bossio, Martin Labelle, Pat Cote, Dany Leclerc, Sam and Alex Anoussis, among many other talents. Lou clawed his way into the top 5 in 2013-14, finishing behind Carlo, Gino, Pat and Sam. Julian hung on to 10th, making this the first ever father-son top-10 finish.  See stats here.

This league of tournaments, founded in 2006 by Denis Begin, Carlo Bossio, Martin Labelle, was called
Hockey Sur Table Quebec (HTQ). In 2014, HTQ was reborn as the National Table Hockey League (NTHL). Since 2006, Lou has chronicled his HTQ and other table hockey encounters in a series called the Comeback Trail.

These episodes of Lou’s comeback trail showcase the great talents of contemporary Classic table hockey. The undisputed current champion, for 7 years and counting, is “King” Carlo Bossio. Carlo is the greatest Classic champion of all time. His astounding feats are chronicled below … Visit the NTHL. 


Pat, Carlo, Gino win an HTQ event

QO-11 033

Burt presents a trophy to Carlo

Toronto Top Three

Sam, Carlo, and Gino win an HTQ event







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