Early Table Hockey, 1920-1955

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Early table hockey evolved from pinball. It was really a form of two-player pinball, and was played with a marble instead of a puck. This photo shows a modern reproduction of a 1920s design.



By the early 1950s, table hockey had shed the pinball flippers, which evolved into painted metal men.  But they remained rooted to their posts, and still had to play with a marble.

This vintage Eagle model was Lou’s first table hockey board. He started at age 5, and grew up playing table hockey with his kid brother Sid.


brothers grand blvd


Here are Sid and Lou in the late 1950s. By this time they are playing the Eagle game above.  They used to dump a whole bag of marbles onto the board, and play until every single marble was in one net or the other. Then they counted them up.

Playing with so many marbles  got Lou and Sid accustomed to scoring a lot of goals. Later in life they would both develop high-octane offenses. (Here you can jump to the future: MTHL stats from 1979-80.)

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