About Lou’s Photos

“In his photos, I believe what we find is not man’s struggle against man, but man’s personal inspiration to find beauty in this world.”
— George L. Nitti, Publisher,
Warwick Valley Living

“I am amazed to witness so many talents in one individual, reminding me of a Renaissance man.”
— Beatrice Popescu, Founding Editor,
Europe’s Journal of Psychology

“The transient made permanent
The fleeting endowed with being
A moment that takes itself seriously
A testimony to the transfigurative vision that is
The reflected love of life.”
Lydia Amir, Professor of Philosophy, Author, Humor and the Good Life


Byron Bay, Australia


Amsterdam, Netherlands

People have been touched by Lou’s photos: from stunning closeups of flora and foliage, to stately landscapes and cityscapes.  Lou paints with vibrant colors and rich textures of light.

“The world radiates enchantment, and sometimes we capture a slice — a portal through which viewers can experience re-enchantment.”  Lou



Vancouver, Canada


Alberta, Canada

Lou’s pictures from the air reveal remarkable vistas and surprising features visible only from several miles above the earth, or during climb-out,  or on a glide-path.

“From 6 miles up at 550 mph, it’s a continuous  panorama. Airplane windows look tiny from the outside, but through them the world appears vast. ” Lou



Tuscany, Italy


between Madrid and Barelona, Spain

Shooting from fast trains poses many challenges, and offers unique opportunities. Close-up things flash by much faster than far-away ones.  Photos from trains capture motion itself.

“In theory, it makes no difference whether stationary observers shoot moving objects, or moving observers shoot stationary ones. In practice, the difference is astounding.” Lou



Harriman State Park, NY


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Lou’s signature works are reflections: from nature reflected in water to cities reflected in glass. They evoke what Lydia Amir calls

The transient made permanent
The fleeting endowed with being.




Sydney, Australia


Manhattan , NY

“Reality is not stable; it is constantly shifting and shimmering. In consequence, every instant is unique. Reflections in water illuminate and exaggerate these evanescent instants, producing images that are even more fleetingly original (and hence more poignantly real) than the actual things reflected. Left, flagpoles and flags reflected in Darling Harbor, Sydney. Since glass is also a fluid — albeit a superfluid that flows in ultra-slow motion  — it is also capable of producing similar illuminations and exaggerations. Right, a skyscraper and crane reflected in another skyscraper.  Every reflected image is a unique slice of reality.  It can only be seen once, if at all.  Every photo is a mere slice of a slice, but with persisting viewability. If anyone objects that reflections are distortions of reality, consider that almost all views of reality are distorted to begin with. Those whose views are distorted in harmful ways produce harm; in helpful ways, help; in beautiful ways, beauty.” Lou

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