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Changing Our Minds

a film by David Sousa

Depression & Dysthymia:
Truth About Drugs and Healthy Minds

with Terrence Real, Peter Breggin,
Steven Hickman, Loren Mosher, Lewis L. Judd, Connye Smalley, Walter Rutherford, Lawrence Price,
Walter Brown, John Lenberg, Mary Ann Block,
Lou Marinoff, Drupon Samten Rinpoche

biographies of contributors here

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an ERIC D. ANDERSON picture

Way of the Puck
a film about air hockey & the universe


Lou Marinoff, PhD
Mark Robbins
Tim Weissman, PhD
Andy Yevish

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Triad Films presents

Table Hockey: The Movie

produced by Peter d'Entrement

directed by Thor Henrikson


Pierre Chastenais
Alain Gagnon
Junior Gelinas
Lou Marinoff
Roger Owens

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Selected YouTube Videos

Ikeda Center, Cambridge MA, September 2012

On Writing The Inner Philosopher

Classical Virtues and Their Ongoing Relevance

What Can We Learn from the Stoics?

8th Annual Ikeda Forum, Cambridge MA, Ocbtober 2011

Cultivating the Greater Self

10th ICPP, Leusden, Netherlands, 2010

At Home at the Edge: Lou Marinoff's Closing Speech

Videos Based on The Middle Way

Uses of The Middle Way
based on Chapter 1 of The Middle Way:
Globalization and its Discontents

Philosophy Nanosecond
based on Chapter 6 of The Middle Way:
Political Extremes

And That's the Truth
based on Chapter 7 of The Middle Way:
Sacred and Profane Extremes

Table Hockey

Part One: The Past
Flashback to the Golden Age of Table Hockey

Boucherville Table Hockey League 1982
& LuMar Productions 2007


Part Two: The Present
Table Hockey Night in Canada
Lumar Productions 2007

Table Hockey Night in Canada II
Lumar Productions 2008

Part Three: The Future
Table Hockey Not Prozac
ESOMAR & LuMar Productions 2007

Other Videos

Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Lumar Productions, 2009

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
LuMar Productions, 2008

Conversations with Cristian Warnken, part 1
MW Television Productions, Santiago de Chile, 2004

Conversations with Cristian Warnken, part 2
MW Television Productions, Santiago de Chile, 2004



Lou's television appearances include

USA: CNN, Fox, Lifetime, Judith Reagan, John McLaughlin


Canada: CBC

Chile: Conversations with Cristian Warken, part 1
MW Television Productions, Santiago de Chile, 2004

Italy: RAI

Japan: Soka

and in Argentina, Brazil, Israel,
Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Uruguay

stay tuned for more TV clips


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