2009 Highlights

Organizer Ajit Sarma (center) awards
Champion Lou (right) and Runner-up Rob Meer (left)

Coleco Classic Cup 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 25, 2009

Champion: Lou Marinoff

tournament summary and photos

more on table hockey

China Value Media Interview
on Chinese edition of The Middle Way

Martin Labelle defeats Eric Larochelle in finals

Hockey Sur Table Quebec
January 31, 2009

Labelle Domimates Drummondville
One Win Away from Quebec Cup III

story and photos here

complete HSTQ standings

Deer at Dawn

Master Class in Photography
February 9, 2009

with Nick Zungoli

"Black-Dirt" Farm Region
Orange County, NY

Nick Zungoli's website

Lou's Pix at MondoLibrary

The World Life Sciences Forum
March 8-11, Lyon, France

BioVision Website

Conference Program

Sam Anoussis (3), Carlo Bossio (1), Pat Cote (2)

Bossio Rebounds in Gatineau
Level with Labelle
in Quebec Cup Quest

Read story here

Keynote Address

Theory and Practice of
Philosophical Counseling


The First International
Fu Jen Academia Catholica Conference

Fu-Jen Catholic University
Taipei, Taiwan

Fu-Jen Catholic University

photo by John Fayolle

NYCTHA Classic Champion 2009


Read Story Here

More Table Hockey Here

Stockholm, May 2009
with the staff of Rehabstation

Stockholm, Sweden

Spinalis Foundation hosts
APPA Certification Program

Philosphical Counseling in
Clinical Rehabilitative Medicine

see www.appa.edu

Quebec City, Quebec
May 2009

King Carlo Achieves
Quebec Cup Encore

Labelle Bids Farewell
to Table Hockey

read story here

Munich, Germany
June 28-30

Global India Business Meeting

organized by Horasis

read Programme here



August 31, 2009

How to Hire a Philosopher
2 in the Hand are Worth 600 in the Bush

read the article here



Canada Rocks: Showdown in Sweden

Part 1: The Challenge
Part 2
: The Revival
Part 3: The Showdown

See it on YouTube

September 18-19
Kangwon National University, Seoul, Korea

1st International Conference on Humanities Therapy
Keynote Address

full program here

Festival of Thinkers
United Arab Emirates
November 1-4, 2009

Chancellor's Message

Global China Business Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal
Nov. 9-10 2009

Horasis: Main page


Annual Meeting
British Society for Philosophy in Practice
London, UK
Dec. 13, 2009




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