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Dear Professor,

After surviving a terrible accident that sent me to the ER and in which accident I went in a coma, lost 50% of my already weak eyesight and what was left of my good sense, I started reading Oliver Sacks' books, Norman Doidge, and your book Platon, pas Prozac ! A French philosopher named Michel Onfray has a similar thought about philosophy as a mean to treat a lot of so called syndromes. Mathieu Ricard's essais on Buddhism adds a balm on my anguish, the type you adressed in Platon, pas Prozac !

Thank you for your tremendous energy in so many fields and your knowledge.

Claude Bouffard
De la Beauce au Québec

Mr Marinoff,

I'm reading with great pleasure your book "Platone e' meglio del Prozac"
in the italian translation.. I love philosophy and I Think this book is really interesting and helpful ,
everyone can find what he needs..

Thanks for share these beautiful ideas and thoughts !

From Italy,

Dear Mr. Marinoff

I am currently reading "The Middle Way" but read both "The Big Questions" and "Plato, not Prozac" about 6 years ago when going through my divorce. Both books belonged to my wife who was then leaving me and our two kids.

Throughout the books, which she had already read, I found small notes on bits of paper with all the parts that had obviously meant something more to her. I was afforded thus an insight to her thinking and potential decision making process prior to our separation.

I read both books which helped me very much with my then situation. I also found a way through my difficulties with their help.

What I have since found always amusing and thought provoking is that two people may read the same book, receive the same "wisdom" yet proceed to make completely "opposing" decisions and still feel justified.

I have since become great friends with my ex, and we continue to have a warm and loving relationship which of course has benefited our children , and us, greatly.

Reading your books, and others, played a part in this...

I continued to read a lot more philosophy too. I am half Greek too which may or may not have something to do with it...

Thank you very much.

Peter Papageorgiou

Dear Professor Marinoff

I just want to say a sincere belated thank you for inspirational talk you gave a few weeks ago at Taplow Court. I have been chanting for 28 years and this was one of the best events I have ever been to with SGI. I especially love the way that your message gives such hope to young people.

I have mentioned / promoted you on my latest blog post: Everyone's a Buddha

May you continue to be a 'midwife attending to the birth' of ever more wisdom.

very best wishes


David Hare
Writer, Life Coach, Trainer

Mr. Marinoff

Now I'm reading El Poder del Tao, you can't imagine how this book is changing my life...

Thank you so much !!!

Kind Regards


Dear Professor Marinoff

Thanks so much for highlighting the work of Anne Akiko Meyers during your lecture at SGI UK Taplow Court last Sunday. I dashed to Amazon and ordered it. I'm listening to it now and am transported to a beautiful dimension.

By the way, I love the Inner Philosopher too!

Kind regards

Hi Lou,

Thank you so very much for the lecture in Chicago! Hope you can return many times to Chicago to share with us your thoughts and journey in life !

Brian A. Hayes

Dear Lou,

I picked up a copy of your new book (The Middle Way) at the Florida Nature and Culture Center, which is an SGI facility here in Broward county Florida.

I don’t know if you've read it but about 3 years ago I by happenstance (synchronicity) picked up and read 5 times, a book by Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind.

I recommend it highly. I am looking forward to reading your new book as many times and gleaning every bit of wisdom I can from it … thank you!

Kindest regards,

Joe Killian

What a great read! I was unable to put this book down because Lou Marinoff takes us through history and weaves a compelling plan of action to the dilemmas of today's world. Instead of leaving us with more questions than answers which seems to be the way of the "new age" self help 12 step plan, he actually presents the history in a clear concise manner and then applies these truths to the way for each of us without any prejudice or religious zeal.

Growing up a rebellious christian and then seeking the Yoga way I eventually ended up in Indian ashrams, only to find myself back into the throws of what's "allowed" and "not-allowed". His grasp of the "Middle Way" was such a revelation. One which I had obviously contemplated, but never managed to even understand the necessity to attain, let alone to make a goal.

The book allows us to look at the "Global Village" determining its value and the eroding of national characteristics and then uniquely applies this same knowledge, which we have been gleefully nodding our heads, to our very own lives mirroring what was so obvious about others problems, to our extremism's. In his quite diplomatic way we are left having to face our own lives and compelled to look at them through his "middle way".

Happiness, that elusive goal seems so easily reachable with a few moderate changes... and the nature of our suffering so unseemingly simple to shed. Thank you Sir, what a Great Book!

Tim Philip
Zimbabwe, currently residing in India

I always felt lost in my life … From the moment I was born to the present I’ve been searching something but I could not put my finger on it. I wasn’t sure about WHAT exactly I was looking for. Then, philosophy came into my life. I was 16 then and that was the first turning point of my life.

Now I’m 30 and I found your books. This is my second life turning point. Now I now there’s nothing concrete I’m looking for, it is the right path that I’m constantly revising in my mind. Now I know I will never stop searching, but finally I know why.

Thanks for your guidance.

Verònica Cobo

Dear Lou,

I just achieved of reading your book “El poder del Tao” and it has been a very nice experience that has permit me “confirm” my ideas and intuitions about Tao philosophy. I have a blog from some years ago named El medio dorado” that means “The golden middle” and I have just write a post ”Esencias del Tao para tiempos convulsos” based in especial phrases I have found in your fantastic book.

I think that ideas of this blog have very close connections with your thinking and I wait (I you have time to read it) that you enjoy it.

Best regards from Barcelona, Spain (eating very good tapas).

Pep Ruiz

As I jumped into my car and turned on the radio, I knew the voice I heard was familiar, but could not quite put my finger on it. It is funny how time can slip by while we are busy living. It may have been 25 years ago now, but it only took a few minutes for me to realize the voice I was listening to on Tapestry was my old physics tutor, Louis Marinoff. I can't help but wonder if my inexplicable inability to grasp basic physics and chemistry had driven you to find solace in philosophical refuge. Many thanks for the tireless efforts so many years ago - they were not lost. I will see if your book is available online for my kindle; no English bookstores on the Gaspe... some things never change and doubtless never will.

Best Regards from the Hayes family at PineCrest in Shigawake, and more particularly, from

Dear Prof. Marinoff:

I have recently finished the reading (in Spanish) of "El ABC de la Felicidad" ("The Middle Way") and, honestly, I have not the English vocabulary for fully expressing my impression. The book is, plainly, extraordinary.

Previously, I have read "Más Platón, Menos Prozac" and I found excellent both in its ideas and its writing quality.

Unfortunately, I am not a philosopher but a modest Journalist and Educator, devoted to write editorial articles and columns in LA PRENSA, the leading newspaper in Honduras, and socioplitical comments in Campus TV, a channel owned by the University of San Pedro Sula, my hometown.

I share the core of your thoughts and I intend to write on your job and speak to friends of mine who work in the Philosophy Departments of several colleges which operate in San Pedro Sula.

In the meantime, would you please consider to give "The Middle Way" to an editorial house in order to comprise the fundamental of its content in, say, some 250 or 300 pages?

I am sure that thousands of readers, in Latin America or wherever, would receive it with enthusiasm and support.

Please, forgive my poor English. It is all made in Honduras.


Amilcar Santamaria
Columnista, LA PRENSA
Comentarista TV Campus
Profesor, Escuela de Comunicación,
Universidad de San Pedro Sula

Professor Marinoff:

The reading of your book, “The middle way” –spanish version “El término medio”-, has been an amazing journey. It takes me several months to read it, because it´s so deep that I needed to stop and think about it along the way. I´m a lawyer, musician, and a father from Buenos Aires, and I can´t thank you enough for helping me to understand the source of many of the problems of the world, and for making me feel that every one of us can make a difference in our global community. I´m trying to follow "the middle way" every step of the way. Your book is a must read, congratulations and keep at the good work!


Dear Dr. Marinoff,

Your book Plato, Not Prozac was an inspiration. I have used it with many of my clients. I also developed a Succeeding at Life Journal which uses your process and develops it into a method of solving problems. I have seen this really help people think about and find answers to personal problems effectively and gain inner peace about their choices.

I am planning to read some of your other books as well. Thank you for inspiring me to write.

For truth,

Dr. Norman R. Wise

Dear Mr. Lou Marinoff,

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your book "The Middleway"
, as I read in the portuguese version "O Caminho do Meio".

My daughter Maria Isabel gave it to me on my birthday, as the title
faced with many of our conversations and thoughts.

The book gave me more, much more I ever expected: a global
comprehension of culture, religion, politics , a surprising link of
Aristoteles, Buda and Confucio, a proposition of dialogs and a message
of love for mankind.

I'm a 57 years old brazilian civil engineering and musician, living
between Rio de Janeiro and Buzios (a paradise place), in Brazil.

Thank you for your herculean work!

I learned a lot and changed my globalisation thinking!

Yours sincerely,

George Frederico Clark

Egregio Proffessore,

la presente soltanto per farLe i miei complimenti.
Ho letto tutti i Suoi libri e... attendo di comprare il prossimo.
Scusi per la lingua, ma l'inglese non è il mio forte.
Distinti saluti,

Avv. Stefano Italiano

Dear Professor Marinoff:

I’ve been reading your book, The Middle Way, which I came across by chance. As a philosophically-inclined (former) therapist myself, I remember hearing some years ago - with a mix of relief, vindication, and wry amusement - of your work as a philosophical counselor. There’s so much I’d like to say after reading The Middle Way, but will limit myself to this: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well, I will add one thing more. This bit about the Mandelbrot Set as a fractal Buddha is brilliant and right on the money!

Bob Marsh


Tu libro es maravilloso, me dió muchas fuerzas para seguir por este camino de la vida, yo siempre creí que esta vida era pesada y triste, pero desde que leí tu libro mi concepto sobre la vida cambió totalmente, lo leí justamente un mes antes de que mi marido perdiera su empleo, parecía que me había llegado en los momentos más díficiles.



Buenas noches: quiero expresarle mi saludo de gratitud y reconocimiento por las enseñanzas del libro MAS PLATON MENOS PROZAC realmente es un excelente libro para que esta vida sea mas vida.

Espero que venga a COLOMBIA

Bernardino Bohórquez Díaz
Bogotá DC - Colombia

José Juan Serrano

Buenas, me llamo José Juan Serrano y le mando este mensaje por motivo de agradecimiento.

Agradecimiento a usted y a mi profesora de 1 de bachiller por hacer que lea su libro "Mas Platon menos Prozac" por que en unas semanas empezare a cursar el Grado de filosofía en la universidad de Zaragoza.Su libro me enseño nuevas formas de ver la filosofía y ha marcado mi vida de tal forma que se ha convertido en vocación.

Es todo un ejemplo para mi Sr. Lou Marinoff, sin entretenerle mas le envío un grato saludo.

Delfo Perozziello

Dear dr. Marinoff

ho letto dapprima il suo libro 'Platone e' meglio del Prozac' e quindi i due successivi. Il mio primo pensiero e' stato: 'la filosofia dovrebbe essere portata cosi' agli studenti'. Ho pensato ai tempi del liceo ed a quanto mi sembrava inutile questa materia....

Poi ho pensato: va bene anche cosi', meglio tardi che mai (ho 52 anni). In un periodo problematico della mia vita ho tovato nei suoi libri un eccellente aiuto.

Non trovo affatto nel mio caso che siano alternativi alla psicanalisi o alla psicoterapia ma anzi siano complementari e spesso possano essere sinergici.

Sicuramente lei dimostra che la fisosofia non e' cosa da filosofi ma chiunque puo' trarne
grandi vantaggi ed anzi una persona 'normale' puo' averne un beneficio secondo me, in proporzione, ancora maggiore. Il suo secondo 'le pillole di aristotele' e' stato per me una specie di compagno per tutto il tempo della lettura. E quando ho finito di leggerlo me ne sono un po' dispiaciuto..

Sento in chiusura di questa lettera il desiderio di ringraziarla di cuore per le opportunità
che queste letture mi stanno dando. Mi rammarico di non possedere un inglese sufficiente e pertanto le scrivo nella mia lingua.

Se ritiene di pubblicare e/o tradurre quanto scrivo per me va bene. Di nuovo grazie di cuore.

Delfo Perozziello
Milano Italy

Jonathan Lau


I just want to thank you so much for writing "The Big Questions".
It is the most useful book I have ever read! Thank you!!!


Susie Boulware

Hi Lou,

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for having met with you, and let you know how much I enjoyed your book Plato Not Prozac! I don't believe you left anything out. Words can't really express the admiration I have for your ability to educate others, through this book, to perceive life and empower themselves through philosophical thinking. I believe you will help so many people to live on the planet in a healthier and happier way.

With sincere gratitude,
Peace and Love,

Angelo Herrera

Dear Mr. Marinoff,

I really enjoyed your book, The middle way. As you pointed out " imagination is one the best gift the universe has given us". I am a novelist and I do have to make use of that power to create.

By the way, there is an interesting philosopher in Spain , Jose Antonio Marina, author of Theory of creative intelligence.

Keep up the good work,


Ignasi Corella Sole

Dear Mr. Marinoff,

I usually put a mark in the pages that I find interesting of the book I'm reading, but I have a problem with your "The big questions" because I have to put a mark in almost all the pages, no kidding.

Thanks a lot for this book,

Ignasi Corella

Federico Facio

Sr.Morinoff: Mi nombre es Federico Facio y vivo en Rosario ,Argentina. Y esta es la historia de como descubri su libro. Con mis amigos siempre hablabamos de que mantenerse o defender un extremo es fácil , es menos cambiante, mas dogmatico uno sabe que decir y lo mas difícil es mantenerse en el centro, siempre discutimos esto ya que somos licenciados en economía por lo que siempre estamos tentados por los extremos.

Un dia estaba en una libreria de mi ciudad mirando y tropecé con su libro...El termino medio , no lo podia creer, decía tantas cosas que habia pensado en en aire y agregaba muchas otras de las que no tenia idea. Desde ese momento uso su enfoque para encarar discusiones, o al analizar cuestiones que tienen que ver con mi vida cotidiana y laboral. En un país como el mio tan propenso a extremismos y exitismos su vision es revolucionaria. Por eso mismo soy un entusiasta promovedor del término medio. Esperemos verle pronto por mi país. Y muchas gracias porque gracias a usted me acerque a la filosofía.

Federico Facio

Valerie Micol

Dear Mr. Marinoff,

My name is Valerie, and I'm a 15 year old girl from Michigan. I was recently in Borders looking through the philosophy section. I had never read any sort of philosophy, but a friend of mine told me that I would probably like to. So I decided to buy your book, "Therapy for the Sane: How Philosophy Can Change your Life". I had been going through deep depression at that time. As I read the back of the book, I was thinking, "Oh I doubt this will help me." But I gave it a chance anyway. After reading the first few chapters I was completely changed. I couldn't believe how amazing the writing was. After finishing the book, I have quit going to my therapist, and I've been happy for the past three months. Your book has given me the tools to get out of my depression. Now I'm reading "The History of Western Philosophy" By Bertrand Russell. I just started it today. I've always wanted to pursue a career in psychology. But now I'm starting to think that maybe I'd like to go into philosophical counseling instead.

I am typing this email to you because I want to thank you very much for writing this book. It has truely changed my life, when I thought nothing would work. I can't express to you my gratitude. I will never forget your book and the way it has changed me. Thank you so much. I've already recommended it, and lent it out to several friends. It's a GREAT book.

Thank you again,


Saar Shai

Dear Professor Marinoff,

I am currently delving in your "Therapy for the sane" publication after reading "Plato instead of Prozac". Never was I a fan of self-help books, and even thought by the phrasing of their title, both of those you have authored seemed to be so, I acquired regardless of my resentment. and was glad to be happily surprised that they do not abide to the common formula, and also provide such profound content that it matters not even if there were.

I'd be happy to discuss some of my insights the were inspired by your writing, but I am refraining myself so to not take too much of your time. But I will stress the compliment any creator desires to receive and acknowledge to be true - your words influenced me and supplied me with a great deal of spiritual guidance that I have not found anywhere else, despite my many attempt to induce such revelations.

I thank you.

My best,
Saar Shai

Estudio Mara y Fernando

Me llamo Fernando Martínez, soy abogado y vivo en Cañuelas, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, desde que leí "Mas Platon y menos prozac" sigo esta idea que tan brillantemente planteara Lou. En el futuro muchos más de los que se cree van a tener que tomar esta idea como un verdadero proyecto de vida, asumiendo que de lo contrario es muy poca la posibilidad de lograr algunos momentos de felicidad.
Adelante con esta noble prédica!!!

aparecida ramaldes silva

sou uma leitora brasileira,
e venho parabeniza-lo pelo seu livro:
pergunte a Platao,
gostei dos aconselhamentos nele contido!
aprendi muito!
abraços Cida

Massimo Massimo

I'd like to say thanks for your books.

I am an Italian reader of yours, Mr. Marinoff, I am 34 and I am always in
trouble with the matters of life. I am very happy to have found you. Maybe I
will now finally have a chance to make order in my often scrambled ideas..

My best regards,

Rafael Alday

Hola, me llamo Rafael Alday, tengo 17 años y voy a estudiar filosofía en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Te escribo para decirte que si algún dia consiguiera trabajar de asesor filosófico seria algo completamente genial. Me encanta ese trabajo porque no cualquier persona puede trabajar en ello. Has de tener tus ideas muy claras, cosa que todavia no he logrado, y tienes que saber comprender a las demas personas que tienen algun problema y saber con que tipo de filofía de toda la humanidad le ayudaras mejor. Eres mi modelo a seguir y me has enseñado más en un libro que en años de instituto. Tengo la esperanza de algun día ser yo quien reciba estos e-mails y saber comprender todo este extraño mundo tan bien como pareces comprenderlo tu.
Un abrazo,

Rafael Alday

Alejandro Demarco

Mi saludo, hacia uno de los grandes autores de esta epoca, la lectura de varias obras de usted, como The Big Questions, o anteriormente Plato Not Prozac!, dan una perspectiva impresionante, una gran esperanza de "Busqueda de verdad y equlibrio", la capacidad de tener el control por dentro, y que eso genère el hecho de decír "No Medicamentos Farmaceuticos, Si medicamentos mentales", como una conclusion muy fuerte. Una relacion muy compleja entre grandes dichos de grandes autores, con una habilidad impresionante de demostrar que la filosofia interna puede mas que lo otro. Tengo tan solo 16 años y me siento afortunado de conocer y haber leído obras impresionantes de un autor impresionante.

Felicitaciones de mi parte hacia usted.

Alejandro Demarco - Santiago Del Estero - Argentina

Barbara Ward

Dear Lou,

I have finished reading "The Big Questions"
May I applaud you.

When I stumbled upon this book ( in a bargain sale box')
I had some reservations as to the ease of reading and comprehension.
What a joy!, as well as the 'philosophical exercises.
Stiring and deep

I have promised my sister in law I will pass the book on BUT not yet as would like to read it again!!.
Will be hunting out your other book, "Plato, not Prozac,' with a keen eye

Best wishes and thanks again

Barbara Ward

A semi bound MS sufferer who's medically retired from a career as a Psychiatric Nurse Manager and STILL only 40yrs old!
I am Blessed with a fabulous husband

Yolanda Sanchez

Dr. Mr. Marinoff,

I am in the middle of reading your book "Plato not Prozac" and I'd like to congratulate you as well as thank you for offering us this easy to read philosophical text. Philosophy has always been an interesting yet difficult topic for me to comprehend, but your book opens up the doors to analysis and meditation without the burden of looking up words or characters in the encyclopedia, re-reading the same phrase over and over again, or battling "confusion" with a gallon of coffee!

I have read "The Dialogues of Plato" a couple of times, as well as a few books on Christian Metaphysics, and "Living Time and the Integration of the Life" by Maurice Nicoll, and I am currently applying some of the metaphysical concepts, along with your PEACE process to my life situations, and I feel an incredible progress in the discovery of my inner self.

Thanks again, merci mille fois!

Yolanda Sanchez

Queens, NY

John Power

Dr. Marinoff, hope you're having a great summer.
I understand you have purchased a Labelle 5380--congratulations! I currently own two and they are the best. We have founded the New York City Table Hockey Association and have made you our "Honorary Commissioner"

I am a big fan of your essays, including the masterpiece "Chess at 700 MPH." We admire your record as a professional and an ambassador of the sport of table hockey and would like to invite you to join us for our "Original Six Classic" tournament on September 9th and the start of the NYCTHA Classic League on October 14th here in New York City. We would be honored by your attendance to one or both of these events. Details on the tournament and the Classic League can be found at the website.
Keep up the great work and we hope to meet you one day!

John Power
New York City Table Hockey Association

Mónica Sanchez Distasio

soy argentina, y a lectura de su libro Mas Platon y Menos Prozac, abrió una perspectiva en la forma de enfocar los males a que nos somete el mundo moderno. Soy de la generacion de los llamados baby boomers, o sea nacida en el año 1945 y nuestros continuos despertares a momentos claves de la historia de la humanidad, desde los antibióticos al ordenador, desde la creación de la Onu hasta la guerra de Irak, o sea desde el infierno hasta el paraíso, desde la caverna hasta iPod nano, TODO nos ha avasallado, conmovido y transformado, y hemos querido sobrevivir a todo eso, adaptarnos y seguir siendo nosotros. Prozac llegó a ser la alternativa Su libro trae aire fresco, nos lleva a la reflexion constante a la búsqueda del equilibrio en nosotros mismos. gracias mónica

leticia moreira martins

Boa noite

Mister Loumarinoff

Estou lendo um dos seu livros Mas platao menos prozac,
e estou gostando muito , li as criticas , mas todo mundo gosta de criticar ...
Sou sua nova admiradora
Moro no Brasil


Mauricio Rodríguez

Mr. Marinoff.

I write this e-mail to send you my congratulations, for your Practical Philosophy
Book, "Plato, not Prozac" , I saw you in an interview, in the T.V.program
named. "La belleza del pensar", with the Chilean Journalist. Christian Warnken,
Was a great interview, I learnt much more about the Philosophy and its practical

I would like that in Chile would exist Philosophics Coffe, to talk about
differents themes and to put in practice the indications and suggestions
that the book says. In this case EE.UU and Europe get a big advantage in
relation with South American Countries. Is current to go at the Doctor to
resolve problems about: Stress, living together and so on. and how consecuence
of those give for the patient, different exams, prescriptions, etc. So
Thanks so much for your book and yours suggestions.

Sincerely. Mauricio Rodríguez

Ronit Rüttimann-Yahalom

Dr. Lou

I find it good, that your book brings the messege of Philosophie into many peoples life. It is a pitty, that the book stays stuck in the "Anti Psychologie" Position. I had expected more (how about Plato and Prozac?). Nevertheless I will keep many Idees in mind, when I work with people as a psychotherapist.

with regards
Ronit Rüttimann-Yahalom

Silvia Canovas Bueno

To Lou Marinoff:

I have always been interested in philosophy as it is said to be the science
of man. I am reading The Big questions and it is helping me so much since I
am learning to better putting philosophy into practise. Philosophy can
change my life, and I know it, partly, thanks to you.

Thank you for this work and for others like this one, I am sure you will
help a lot of people.

Matt Higgins

Dr Lou:

I am from New Orleans and am dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina like everyone else here. The reason for this email is that I want to tell you that I reread the chapter "Must we suffer" in your book Therapy for the Sane especially the part of need vs want.

Many everyday things from late night grocery stores to quick service at restaurants to reliable street lights I took for granted and in some ways felt that they were needs. Before the storm, I started to question whether or not all these luxuries were beneficial for our society or if they were even bad ideas in the long run. I am an obsesive compulsive person by nature so all these options available to me actually made me more anxious.

What I believe now is that these types of things were beneficial as long as they are used in moderation (Aristotle) and that they often kept me binded because I thought they were necessary. (Buddhism) I also realize that we can't appreciate luxuries that are too common. The old, "don't know what u got till it's gone." belief. So I guess, I will be a stronger & better person out of this. (Nietzsche) I feel more depressed alot of times than I did before the storm, but I don't have that crippaling anxiety much anymore. Plus the depressing moments are fewer and fewer as we recover and time goes on.

Now I say all this as someone who didn't lose everything, who didn't have to live in a shelter, and who has a future clear to them. Perhaps if I had been one of those unfortunates that people saw standing on their roof tops I wouldn't feel this way. i don't know. But I did want to let you know that that chapter put some pieces together for me.

Matt Higgins

Alvaro Awad Sirhan

Sr. Lou Marinoff:

Hace un par de días lo vi en el programa chileno de
televisión "La belleza de pensar", y aprendí bastante
escuchándolo. Sólo quería agradecerle con este mensaje por
ser tan buen comunicador y por su filosofía, que a mi
parecer es la necesaria para que este mundo pueda ser
disfrutado por un mayor número de personas. Espero algún
día poder leer sus libros.
Muchas gracias por su gran aporte, me despido desde
Santiago de Chile. Alvaro Awad S.

L. Jill Costello

Dr. Marinoff,

I am currently reading "Plato Not Prozac!" and finding myself underlining so much!
I am completing my Masters in Counseling. During the course of my studies outside of the classroom, I have taken a great interest in philosophy. Your book has finally put into words what my perspective has become.

I found myself growing weary of the "old school" psych professors and their "DSM-IV / broadbrush" ideas. As you write, people are so much more than that! I embrace Jung's concept of individualism.... how even if two people have the same diagnosis, their paths are entirely different and therefore can not be so genericly perceived.

Thank you for your book. I am recommending it to my classmates who during our out-of-class conversations also recognized there had to be more than the textbook way of working with others. As fascinated as I am with psychology, the whold DSM-IV concept is rather discerning when one thinks about it.

Continued success and I look forward to reading more of your work.
LJ Costello
Nashville, TN

Marisol Olivares Becerra

I had the pleasure of meeting your thoughts on chilean cable-TV ("La Belleza de pensar"). To be truthful, i can't stand philosophers, but listening to you has made me realize that no man is just alike another one... Since then, I haven`t been able to stop telling everyone (i care about, of course) about the budhist and his cup of tea. It made me think that in every culture people who think are the ones who can make this world a little better! (In Chile we have a catholic saint: Sor Teresita de Los Andes... She had a very similar phrase: "everyday is a gift!, and I'm going to take advantage of it!").

I also enjoyed very much your annalyssis on Eastern culture.

Thanks for giving back philosophy to the streets!

Marisol Olivares Becerra.
3rd year, law school
Valparaiso, Chile.

Sasa Separovic

Dear Mr. Marinoff,

Thanks for your beautifull book,Plato,not Prozac,which I just read,completely unaware that there are philosophers counseling. I am also glad that it got translated to Croatian language as by now many of my friends got it. I hope that your new book will also get translated but until than (will chek ist it by now ) I will get it on english. I am big , big fan of philosophy ( and C.G. Jung ), although never got hold of any book of Chinese Philosophers. Will try.

Thanks once again.

Sasa Separovic

Debbie Stefanac

Dear Lou,

I came across your wonderful book Plato not prozac whilst surveying the
public library for something interesting to read. Thanks for writing such a wonderful inspiring book & also helping us view life more positively. I am in the process of deciding a career change and this book has only given me valuable knowledge and an outlook that will enhance my confidence and self belief, once again thanks.

Debbie Stefanac
Sydney, Australia

Mariano Ruperthuz

Estiamdo Lou:

Mi nombre es Mariano Ruperthuz y soy psicólogo, vivo en Santiago de Chile y hoy vi tu entrevista en el programa "La Bellesa del Pensar" con Cristian Warnken y quiero decirte que tus ideas me parecen un gran aporte a nuestra manera de ver las cosas. No enfermar a nuestros pacientes inecesariamente y tratar de buscar una salida que los potencie. Un abrazo fuerte y felicitaciones, muchas gracias, atentamente,

Mariano Ruperthuz H.

Cristina Cisneros


Dear Dr. Marinoff:
Your book (Plato, not prozac) was my friend in a
long trip to Buenos Aires. I read it without a pause, because it was... so
interesting. I found a solve, an answer, a way in the life...
But I gave someone the book... I can't go back to
it... I understood the PEACE theme, but... which is the desicion's moment?
after the moment of "analyze" the question?
I'm studing English, but in 3º year, sorry but I
can't writte well.
Thank you for teach us that having a problem isn't
be insane... I'm in a search of answers (no prozac, no psiquiatric...)
religion, yoga, philosophic reading , and waiting for "Preguntale a
Platon". Thank you for give back to common people (like me) the power over
their own lifes.

Maria Cristina Cisneros

Anom Anom


Dear Lou,

Just finished reading the Hebrew edition and going to reread it.
I must say that first of all the book enlightend my knowlodge concernning
philosofers and theories , a matter that was difficult for me to understand along
the years.
Becoming 52 this year, reading ,studing and having academic titles along the years
still have put a barrier in front of me until reading this book.
As for the practical side of it, I find myself acting by the theories now and in the past.
Not only helpful is the advice, moreover I almost feel that i myself with no formal education in this area can help others by talking and helping them to underastand.
Along the years trying to help family members and friends my "moto" is not to advice.
The main reason for that is that peple in almost any age should take responsibility of their own descions and actions.So what i try to do, is to help looking at the facts from an "objective " point of view, then analyning and let "him" to decide what is best to do. I have done a lot along the years. From army service,thru jounalism to aviation and Hi tech. These days changing direction again with no fear, going to help people by masage and Holistic treatments , this book is more than a great help.

Thank you sir for the simple expalnation to complicated matters.

Laura Verdugo del Rey


My name is Laura. I'm a classical guitarrist from Spain, I'm very surprice because you are also a guitarrist!! this is great! I read your book "the big questions" and is wonderfull, this book chanched my mind, is very interesting. I'm glod because you are a very good guitarrist.... why this instrument? are you continium giving concerts?
I wiss you all the best...

Peter M. Pettit


Hi Prof. Marinoff!

I was looking over your experience profile, and I noticed that you supply taught at BPS in 1990-1991. I attended BPS from 1990-1993, on the English side. How did you end up on the Gaspé Coast. I'm trying to recall if you ever supplied for my class!



Professor Marinoff

I watched your table hockey movie a couple of days ago and I could not believe my eyes. My very favourite past time (TABLE HOCKEY) was being legitimized and discussed openly for the world to hear. I watched very intently absorbing as much information as I could, but it ended far to soon.

I would like see the complete film. please let me know how to find it. I live in British Columbia Canada. I agree with you I definetly like the Coleco game much better than the Stiga game.

I am also interested in polishing my table hockey skills if you have any information to relate to me I would be very thankful.

Sincerley Laszlo

paola buoso md., from Italy


the Athen's school is one of my Raffaello favourite , in the Stanza della Signatura in the Vatican galleries.The curly red Aristotile and Plato ,pointing to the world of ideas, sign the close junction between philosophy and medicine.I suggest Plato better than Prozac to my patients , you are very smart.I enyojed the book a lot, a nice challenge to study again and better a little bit of philosophy, after cross country ski.. I am in New York in these days,I'll try to contact you ,I would like to have signed my book.Or maybe you come to Venice sometimes.Remember, the Saint Mark lion has a book under his paw...Thanks for everything Paola

Dilia Márquez


Profesor Lou: Ante todo, espero se encuentre bien. Asimismo, me imagino tendrá traductores que le faciliten la comprensión de las siguientes palabras: Primeramente debo señalarle mi admiración por dedicarse al estudio de la Filosofía convirtiéndola o haciéndola más práctica, llevándola a solventar problemas que la vida diaria nos presenta. Comparto con Ud. esa pasión por la Filosofía, de hecho actualmante estoy realizando mi trabajo de tesis de Grado de Filosofía aquí en Caracas Venezuela; al culminar el mismo, pretendo irme a otro país a estudiar el postgrado. Sin embargo, lo que quisiera es ver si me puede orientar en cuanto a la escogencia del mismo, ya que indudablemente deseo continuar con la Filosofía pero añadiéndole cierto carácter práctico que me permita trabajar de manera provechosa ayudando a las demás personas.



Professor Marinoff:
I've just finished reading your new Book "The big questions"(in spanish "Preguntale a Platón"), I think it is excellent, and now I'll start reading "Plato not Prozac". Thank you for making philosophy more accessible to all the people.
You're quite welcome in Mexico; thank you very much for your teachings.

Javier V.



No tengo el placer de conocerte y tampoco se si sabes español,solo comentarte que lei tu libro hace apenas 8 meses,en circunstancias muy especiales dentro de mi vida y decirte que consegui darme cuenta de ciertas cosas en las que nunca antes habia pensado.



Dear Marinoff
I am 27 years old and i live in thessaloniki, Greece. I have been study for 4 years in aristotelio university of Thessaloniki (my english is not very well) at department of Philosophy. I have a degree at Phylosophy study. I have red your book "Plato not Prozak" and i was very happy because i found Practical way for my study. Gongratulations for your book dear Lou. I really want to tell me where i can find in my country Philosofical practitioners who can help me to develop that method in my country. I really want it because i studied it! Also i should know if you can send in my mail a list of books in Philosophical practice. I believe that all that wisdom can help people to live better and feel happy with their lives.
Best regards.




P. Alessamdro

E-Mail: prof. Marinoff,
purtroppo non conosco l'inglese, ma sento la necessità di scriverle poche righe. Sono un sacerdote e mi interesso di Relazione di aiuto. pochi giorni fa ho letto un articolo su di Lei sulla rivista FOCUS e mi ha affiscinato la teoria della consulenza filosofica. Ho ordinato il suo libro per poter approfondire questo argomento, nella speranza che mi possa essere di aiuto. Le auguro una bellissima giornata

Martin Labelle


Hi Lou,
Your site is nice!
I"m a table hockey player too.
It's great to see other passionnate player.
We have a good league here in Sherbrooke since 1983.
I look forward to meet you in Québec at the Québec open IV. (I'm the defending champion).

Martin Labelle
Sherbrooke, PQ

Jim Wendelken

E-Mail: j_wendelken at

Hi. I was wondering who the woman philosopher is on the far right hand edge of your book "I woke up and I wasn't on Prozac anymore, I like plates!" Thanks!

Rodolfo Alarcon


Professor Marinoff:

My name is Rodolfo Alarcón and I live in Bogotá, Colombia.

At present I am living a period of crisis mainly due to changes in my career. Until 2000 I was an employee at an environmental laboratory. Few months after quitting this job, two friends and I opened a consulting company. The new responsibilities, the long working periods (12 or more hours per day, six days a week) and factors from other aspects of my life, resulted in depression, insomnia and other symptoms and, of course, the quality of my work dropped completely. About 9 weeks ago I saw your book Plato no Prozac (Spanish version) in a bookstore near my home. I read the index and bought it. Now after almost finished reading the book, I have a new perspective of my situation and have realized that this is only a transition period that will result in a better stage of my life.

Professor Marinoff, I sincerely want to thank you for giving me this fresh air trough your words. Really Philosophy can help us to live in a better way.

Sorry for the grammatical errors, my English is not still very good.

Finally, I would like to know if there is any certified APPA counselor in Colombia.



Dear Lou,
I am from Athens, Greece and I am 22 years old.
I chose your book "Plato not Prozak!" to keep me company during a flight but soon realised that what I was holding wasn't a common advise giving book. With much surprise I realised that my thoughts about Ancient Greek Philosophers' work, were on someone's book. I believe and always did that all this wisdom's use was a lot more than something for us to give exams on during school years. I wish I could find someone in Greece who does the same work as you do it would be very relieving for many people like me to talk to someone about matters of existance and help us find our way to this enormous world, I have so much questions that I don't know if someone can help me.
Anyway, it would be nice for us here to have the chance to meet you.



Dear Mr Marinoff,

I'm from Valencia (Spain), and I'm 24 years old.

I have readed your book "Plato, Not Prozac", in its Spanish version, and I can see that some ideas of the most famous phylosophers, are also in my head.

All the things that worry me, also worried to another ancient people in the past, and it helps me to make life a little bit better.

I think that this book teach us how to accept life as it is... Without lie ourselves...

Best Regards Lou, and finally, I have a question...

What a Phylosopher do, when he is sad?



helio j pereira


Dear Lou
After reading "plato not prozac" I rediscover that we are not able or even allowed to dream someoneelse' dreams ,and also that we don't learn with the experience of the others.The ultimate objective should be to break the wall and finally understand our tragedy.
helio pereira

Fernando Koboldt


Dr Lou
Sorry the language, i swear i´m improving my skills. I'm Gen Surgeon in the southmost state in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul and i was recently looking for other book in the shelfs of my favorite bookstore ( human evolution is one's my best) when i face that amazing cover of Platão... I didn´t resist and bought to try...and what a surprise, i want to say you is that i didn't regret. It appears to me like a slot machine, a little coin but a big award for every body. I'm thinking to try spread these wisdow in my work place, it could be wonderful. I'm waiting for the translation of Big Questins, by the way i've beem good time with this.
Dr Fenando Koboldt



When I heard you on NPR I was stunned! Finally someone was answering the philosophical questions I had been asking the experts. For example:when did philosophy change from a quest for living well to a series of senseless debates?Of what use is philosophy? Finally I received coherant answers. Thanks for writing this book!

jacque conarchy


Thank you for sharing your insights on NPR.
I enjoyed listening to the show and requested your book from the library. I'd buy it but I'm newly unemployed.

I won't be forever, so I'd like to offer you a suggestion= perhaps a PLATO not Prozac- tshirt?
or how about the following?
'SOCRATES MOM' bumper sticker
Got Philosophy?
I'm Pro- Logic

:) I'm sure there are more out there


Jacque Conarchy

Dr William A Bradnan


Once in a great while in my reading, I come across a gem, and Chapter 2 of your new book is just one such! It is the best summarization of ethics for the layman, you might say, that I have come across. The distinction between ethical relativism and meta-ethical relativism was especially nicely done.

Eugene Crowley, Jr


Dr. Marinoff,
I enjoyed your presentation in Chicago at Border's on 05/27/03. In the Q&A session, I gave several examples of sorting out the polarities in our culture and keeping a balance among the correct choices. It's more or less abiding by the Universal Law of Polarity. After I returned home, I thought that one of our culture's greatest problems is attuning itself to the mass mind(fear based) instead of the Universal Mind.(wisdom based) Western Culture also employs its own laws-Vatian laws. Federal, and State, Corporate...- in contrast to using Divine and Universal(Cosmis) laws that gave the ancient world balance, order, harmony, prosperity, and Golden Ages.
Many beleive that the Hermetic Principles or Universal Law or the Perennial Philosophy should have been adopted as universal religions that would eliminate the various beliefs in religion, race, education, sex discrimination and the other areas of cultural. When one identifies with having his mind in the mind of the Universal God, he eliminates his suffering and has compassion for those who attempt to cause another's suffering.l We as a culture have a tremendous deficit in the areas of morals and wisdom.


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