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Humanities Therapy: Restoring Well-Being in an Age of Culturally-Induced Illness
Keynote Address, 11th ICPP, Kangwon National University, ROK, July 2012

The Spinoza Problem, by Irvin Yalom
Book review, Philosophical Practice, 7.1 March 2012, 945-50

"Philosophy Nanosecond"
Editorial, Philosophical Practice, 5.3, November 2010, 555-56
Special Issue on Socratic Dialogue

"Persistence Pays ... or, Why Cars Have Speedometers"
A libertarian satire on highway robbery of citizens by states.
Times Higher Education, "Off Piste" Column, April 1, 2010

Winning Habits: Techniques for Excellence in Sports, by B.P. Bam

B.P Bam is India'a leading sports psychologist. This book review
first appeared in Philosophical Practice, Vol 5.1, March 2010.

"Landmarks in Human Progress"
An invited article for the Report of the 5th Global China Business Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal, November 2009.

"Synchronicity, Serpents and Something-Elseness"
A Metadialogue on Philosophy and Psychotherapy
Philosophical Practice, 4.3, 519-34, 2009.

"Sacred and Profane Extremes in the USA"
Apocalyptic Christianity and Neo-Marxist Deconstruction
Guest Column for Strategic Foresight Institute, 2006

“The Matrix and Plato’s Cave: Why the Sequels Failed”
in More Matrix and Philosophy, edited by William Irwin, Open Court,
Chicago, 3-11, 2005

"The Ancient Art of Modern Leadership"
Virtue ethics of Aristotle, Buddha and Confucius for
contemporary leaders, in Global Agenda,
magazine of the World Economic Forum, 2004

“Thus Spake Settembrini”
An essay on philosophy, psychiatry and The Magic Mountain
in Philosophy and Psychiatry, edited by Thomas Schramme &
Johannes Thome, De Gruyter, Berlin, 27-49, 2004.

"If You're Offended, Are You Harmed?"
Chapter 4 of The Big Questions (Bloomsbury 2003)
distinguishes between offense and harm. This vital
distinction has been badly blurred by political correctness.

“The Geometry of Defection" with illustrations,
in Cheryl Hughes and James Wong, eds., Social Philosophy Today,
Volume 17, Philosophy Documentation Center, Charlotesville, 69-90, 2003.

"Are You a Spiritual Being?"
Chapter 10 of The Big Questions (Bloomsbury, 2003)
introduced and illustrated by Art Historian Virginia Bonito,
founder of The Mnemonsyne Foundation.

Review of "Revolt of the Primitive"
My review of Howard Schwartz's book on the roots of
correctness first appeared in Sexuality and Culture, 6, 97-102, 2002.

"Philosphical Counseling: An Interview with LM"
Interview by Australian psychologist and author Len Oakes,
for Psychotherapy in Australia, Volume 8 Number 3, May 2002

"The Tragedy of the Coffeehouse: Costly Riding and
How to Avert It"

This experiment in cyberspace was inspired by Zeno's Coffeehouse,
whose proprietor is philosopher Ron Barnette. The article was published
in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 43, No. 4, 434-450, Aug 1999.

"A Brave New Work: Fair New World"
Libertarian lawyer Karen Selick reviews my underground novel,
Fair New World, a satire on political correctness and radical
feminism. Her review first appeared in Canadian Lawyer, Spring 1995.

"A Resolution of Bertrand's Paradox"
Proposed resolution of a vexed paradox in
philosophy of probability and geometry,
Philosophy of Science, 61, 1-24, 1994


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