Plato Not Prozac!

There was a time when philosophy meant something to ordinary people and philosophers’ ideas were put to good use. Socrates spent his days debating vital issues in the marketplace, and Lao Tzu applied his own advice on following the path to personal happiness and social harmony. Now, as a new millennium dawns, a unique movement called Philosophical Counseling has emerged to return philosophy to its classical roots by combining wisdom and practice to help people solve their most common everyday problems. Call it therapy for the sane. As a leading proponent of this field, philosopher Lou Marinoff, Ph.D., shows us that the road to a successful, fulfilling life begins with Plato, Not Prozac!

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Plato, Not Prozac! looks to become the bible of the ‘philosophical counseling’ movement.
Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine

Philosophy [to Marinoff] is the Lava bar of intellect — meant to be used every day, down to the nub. — Edvins Beitiks, San Francisco Examiner

Would the world be better off if we took the time to analyze our problems as thoughtfully as Marinoff suggests? No doubt. — Ron Kaplan, Booklist