Therapy for the Sane , 10th Anniversary Edition, Argo Navis, 2014

The Inner Philosopher,Dialogue Path Press , Cambridge, MA, 2012

El Poder del Tao (The Power of Tao) Ediciones B, Spanish edition November 2011

The Middle Way, Sterling, NY & London, 2007

The Middle Way, translated editions

Therapy for the Sane, Bloomsbury, NY & London, 2003

Therapy for the Sane, translated editions

Philosophical Practice, Academic Press, NY, 2001

Plato, Not Prozac, HarperCollins, NY, 1999

Plato Not Prozac, translated editions

Fair New World, Backlash Books, Vancouver, 1994

Journal of the APPA

Philosophical Practice, Journal of the APPA, 2005 ...

Contributed Book Chapters

Voices for the Culture of Peace,2013





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