Books Edited by Lou

Vice Versa

Collected & Neglected Poems

by Rosaline Tafler

Compiled by Julian Marinoff

Edited by Louis Marinoff

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Rosaline Tafler, affectionately known as “Grandma Roz,”
was born in Montreal on October 7, 1923, to Annie and Myer Tafler.
The youngest of four children, Rosaline wrote her first poem at the age
of eight, and never looked back. She married Julius Marinoff in 1950,
and raised a family in Montreal. Her eldest son is philosopher and author
Louis Marinoff, who credits her for his literary formation. Roz’s poems are
paragons of wit and wisdom. Now in her ninety- fifth year, Grandma Roz is
resident “poet laureate” of the Donald Berman Maimonides Centre, and is
much beloved by family, friends, and staff.

Just Released on Amazon!