Highlights 2011

2011 Highlights


At a Glance

Global India Business Meeting (June)
Huffington Post Interview, Part 1 (July)
Huffington Post Interview, Part 2 (July)
Washington Post Feature (August)
9/11 Ten Years After (September)
Translating Molecular Psychiatry (September)
Magyar Radio Interview (October)
Cultivating the Greater Self (October)
Book Launch: El Poder del Tao (November)
CBC Radio: Tapestry (November)
Rationally Speaking, New York City Skeptics (November)

Dialogue on Renaissance in Philosophy

Dialogue with Daisaku Ikeda

published in Japanese, January 2011

Tetsugaku Runessansu no Taiwa

Dialogue on Renaissance in Philosophy

read more here

Sam Anoussis wins his first HSTQ Event

Table Hockey:
Play it Again, Sam

Annousis "Arrives" in Ajax!
Quebec Quintet Crushes Competition

read story here


Spiral Monument at UN University for Peace

Invited Lecture:
Plato Not Prozac

United Nations University for Peace
Colon, Costa Rica

UN Univesity for Peace website


llama del bosque tree, San Jose, Costa Rica

Nature's Two Handles:
Beauty and Devastation

We must celebrate Nature's beauty
-- as in Costa Rica

We must help alleviate her devastation
-- as in Japan

How you can help

Enchanting China, Springtime 2011

Enchanting China
March 2011

Springtime in Beijing,
Qufu, Dengfeng, The Great Wall,
and places in-between

Full-screen slideshow and other options here

photo by Julia Basharina
Vestnik Kipra publishing house

Global Russia Business Meeting
Limassol, Cyprus, April 10-11, 2011

convened by Horasis
under the partonage of
The Prime Minister of
the Republic of Cyprus

read program here
read report here

2nd Dave Kraehling, 1st Sean Beedham,3rd Lou Marinoff
photo by Sid Kloosterman

Beedham Dynasty Dawns at JGG
Table Hockey Torch Passes to Goodguy Jr.

38th Annual Johnny Goodguy
Classic Table Hockey Tournament

Brampton, Ontario, April 16, 2011

read story here

Ontario Table Hockey Association

Koekenhof Gardens 

Infinite Tulips!
Easter Weekend, Netherlands

Fields and gardens around Lisse,
in perfect light at peak season

view all pics here

Carlo Bossio receives Quebec Open trophy and Quebec Cup
from organizer Burt Brassard
/ photo: Denis Giguère

Carlo Claims Quadruple Quebec Crown
Four in a Row for the Table Hockey King

at the Quebec City Open, May 1, 2011

read story here

Hockey Sur Table Quebec website

double rainbow over Honolulu, photo by Lou

10th East-West Philosopher's Conference
May 16-24, 2011

hosted by the University of Hawaii at Manoa

about the 10th East-West Conference

a brief history of the East-West series


Pedals with Petals, Amsterdam

Feature in Warwick Valley Living
"On Sabbatical: Snippets and Snapshots"

Introduced by
George L. Nitti

see feature here

Bay of Naples

Global India Business Meeting
Naples, Italy, June 26-27, 2011

convened by Horasis

more information here

Tom Morris Interviews Lou Marinoff,
Parts 1 and 2

APPA in The Washington Post

The Washington Post
August 23, 2011

Philosophical Counselors Rely on
Eternal Wisdom of Great Thinkers

by Amy Wax

read story here

September 11, 2001, from Jersey City rooftop (photo Lou Marinoff)

9/11 Ten Years After

A Philosopher's Memoire

read story here

9th Hansesymposium, Rostock, Germany

Translating Molecular Psychiatry:
From Neuroscience to Clinical Practice

Rostock, Germany, 16-17 September

Keynote Address, Lou Marinoff:
Transforming Poison into Medicine

full program here

Magyar Radio, Budapest, Hungary

Magyar Radio
Interview by Julia Sipos

Broadcast in Hungarian
October 4, 2011

Hungarian version here

Cultivating the Greater Self
8th Annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue


Cultivating the Greater Self
8th Annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue

Speakers: Virginia Benson, Ann Diller,
Bernice Lerner, Lou Marinoff

Saturday, October 22, 2011
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

event report here

watch it on YouTube

The Power of Tao
launched in Spain and Argentina

El Poder del Tao
Como Hallar La Serenidad en Tiempos de Cambio

by Lou Marinoff

published by Ediciones B
Barcelona • Bogota Buenos Aires Caracas Madrid

Miami Montevideo • Santiago de Chile

media highlights here
radio, newpaper, magazine, Ateneo de Madrid

Valencia Convention Center


Global China Business Meeting
Valencia, Spain, November 7-8 2011

convened by Horasis

complete programme here

Tapestry, with Mary Hynes

CBC Radio: Tapestry
host: Mary Hynes

A Few Good Words -
Wisdom of the Ages for Living Life Today

with Lou Marinoff

listen to broadcast here

Official Podcast of the New York City Skeptics

with Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef

Rationally Speaking
Official Podcast of the New York City Skeptic

hosts: Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef
producer: Benny Pollak

RS48: Philosophical Counseling
with Lou Marinoff

listen to podcast here


Video Conference with Lou on Skype

short-term philosophical counseling

to arrange a session, please email




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